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Sugarbox Networks, a tech innovation startup which focuses on providing easy affordable digital access to the world. It enables various categories like OTT (Zee 5), E-commerce, Edtech, Games and Podcasts.

Primary Goal of the campaign:

To promote edtech as a category in 15 rural locations, hence increasing brand awareness.

The core peg of the campaign was to create awareness about Spoken English keeping the totality aspirational.


Spread awareness for the Edtech category on the SB app.

Primary Metrics - 100 GB Edtech (Magnet Brain) consumption across 15 villages.


Secondary Goal:

Drive curiosity amongst the user to adopt and drive consumption of Edtech and Non-Edtech content.

Secondary Metrics - 600 GB across 15 villages.


1.9 TB data consumption

610 wifi connected

400 active new users

Total content clicks: 10,389

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